Science Gift Ideas for Kids

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Kids Science Gifts

Children love exploring the world in every possible way. We can support them in learning new facts about the universe, life, and natural laws with a science present for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. There are a plenty of learning games, educational toys and science gifts for the little ones.

By presenting a science gift to a child we can encourage their curiosity and exploring nature and help them gain knowledge about the world they are living in. Giving them the opportunity to learn while playing is a very effective way to arouse and support our children’s talents and interests.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, and Technology are just a few scientific fields which could be explored by a child.

If physics is the interest you would like to support you can buy an educational physics book (with a lot of images of course), an optical glass, physics experiment kit, or a construction game.

Chemistry Gifts could include a chemistry experiment set, a laboratory kit, a molecular model, or a perfume laboratory.

If Biology is your science choice you could get a human body model kit, a magnifying glass, animal figures, or a plant they could grow on their own.

For the little star lovers a telescope, a solar system model, or a space game could be a wonderful gift surprise.

The traditional ways of teaching science in school in most cases cannot satisfy the children’s desire to have fun and often they do not remember the facts they have learned for too long. The science activity games and toys are a great way to make the kids enjoy education and learning and remember the knowledge they have gained. The science experiment kits can show children how exactly the natural laws work instead of just learning theoretical facts and discoveries.

Below are just a few examples of science presents for kids:

3D Solar System Hologram

Perfect gift idea for big and small astronomy lovers - it looks beautiful and can add to our Solar System knowledge. Made with quality K9 Crystal, making the sphere more transparent. The ball can also be used as a night light with a few lighting modes.

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Magic Chemistry Set

This kids science kit includes 10 experiments, each made to be performed as magical trick with instructions and insights from scientific point of view. Magic wand and white gloves included.

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MicroPro Microscope

Microscope set consisting of 48 pieces – specimen vials, slides, test tube, tweezers, pipette, and more. 50x to 600x magnification levels.

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Telescope for Kids and Adults

The telescope comes with adjustable tripod to adapt to different view positions. Made of light-weight aluminum it can be easily carried during travel. Ideal present idea for beginner star lovers.

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