Halloween costumes gift ideas

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Halloween Gift Ideas

The traditions around Halloween usually don’t require people to give presents to each other but the Halloween costumes are important part of the celebration. So even if its not required it will be a nice surprise for your loved ones if you provide a costume for them saving them the hassle to choose one.

Nowadays there is a huge variety of Halloween costumes on the market and it can be difficult to find the one which is most suitable. With our selection of costumes we tried to find the most original ones which are not very popular but look good and can boost the Halloween mood of your relatives or friends. Our Halloween costume choices include both costumes for adults and for children. Some of them can be used for other occasions as well.

Astronaut Costume

If your child gets fascinated by space and rockets the best Halloween costume for them would be this NASA Astronaut Costume. It comes with a backpack and a hat. Usually boys are more into astronauts but it could be a nice present for a girl as well. Suitable for Ages 3-7.

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Gatsby Costume Dress

For the ladies we recommend this Gatsby Costume Dress. Its elegant style makes it suitable for girls and women who prefer to look beautiful rather than scary. The accessories are not included. Good to wear not just on Halloween parties but on any other occasion.

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King Arthur Costume

Bring the medieval times into the present, when bravery and courage were most valued, with this King Arthur Halloween costume for men, Includes tunic, cape with medallion, belt, gauntlets, leg guards, and of course a crown. Shoes, pants and sword not included.

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Viking Warrior Costume

Vikings were fearless warriors with spectacular and tough outfits. Make you child feel like one of them on their Halloween party with this Viking costume. It includes a tunic, Viking helmet, belt and leg warmers. 5 sizes available.

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