Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

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Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

When buying a product for yourself or for someone else, it is good to keep in mind the impact that this product has on the environment. The problem of protecting our planet is becoming more urgent and serious. The oceans are full of plastic waste, the air is polluted by the gases that industry and our own cars produce.

Therefore, when looking for a gift for our loved ones and acquaintances, we can make a small contribution to environmental protection by choosing a product that is made of environmentally friendly materials. Most goods today are made of plastic because it is a cheap and convenient material. We are so used to it that we often think it is inevitable to use it. But there are already many alternatives to plastics on the market, which are not yet so popular, but are increasingly finding their application. Such materials are hemp, bamboo, wax, glass and a few others.

We can also help preserving the environment by avoiding the use of disposable products and replacing them with reusable ones.
By buying ecological gifts, we not only bring joy to our loved ones, but also contribute to the protection of our home – the planet earth.

Hemp Backpack

This eco-friendly backpack is a perfect gift for everyone, who cares about the environment and is fond of ecological products. Suitable for travel, school, and work. Has enough space for a laptop.

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Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Makeup Remover Pads are widely used by women and we could help the environment if we use reusable ones. Our suggestion includes 4 scrub and 12 soft reusable cotton rounds. with standard size. Eco-friendly and money savers..

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Reusable Washable Cloth Diapers

These diapers are made of 100% microfiber terry cloth and should be washed under 30 Centigrade. They are environmentally friendly and reusable, easy to use, soft and breathable. The package includes 6 diapers and 12 inserts.

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Spanish bamboo cutting board

Surprise your relatives with a cutting board, that has special message for them. The text is in Spanish, but nowadays it is easy to translate and understand its meaning. Made of eco-friendly bamboo material.

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Gift Idea of the Week

Shiatsu Massager

Ideal gift idea for anyone who works in an office and needs to energize their body and relax their muscles.