3D Printer Gift Idea

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3D Printer Gift Ideas

If you are looking for an extraordinary present for a family member, partner or a friend we would recommend a 3D printer. This would be an incredible surprise for all tech savvies and the lovers of unusual gifts. And for the children it would be like the most magical present ever!

The 3D printer is one of the latest and newest technologies on the market and still something not very popular to have at home or to present it as a gift. With this printer you can “create” various 3-Dimensional objects. The copies can be produced from a real object or an electronic data source.

How the 3D printer works? First you have to create a virtual image with some 3D software like CAD for example or using a 3D scanner to scan a real object. Before starting the printing the virtual image has to be sliced with the 3D modelling software so the printer can create the object slice by slice.

Our recommendation for a 3-D printer gift idea includes Flashforge Creator 3D Printer –an affordable printer that can provide very good results. It comes with software, test sample files and operation manual. Its overall dimensions are: 320 x 467 x 381 mm. The box contains: 3d printer, 2 spools filament, SD card with instructions and software, tools and printing tape.

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