DIY presents – painting as a gift

DIY gifts are more special because we invest energy and thoughtfulness in creating them. Everyone can create art and crafts, there is no need for special talent for that. All we need is to use our creativity and warm feelings towards the recipient.

One of the most popular and suitable art for a gift is a painting. You don’t have to be art genius to paint or draw a gift for a friend, a family member, or your loved one. We all have seen abstract paintings for thousands of pounds who seem like everyone could create … of course this is only a joke but still … I am pretty sure everyone could create something nice and unique.

Because a present is not about the money we pay for it, it’s about the love and effort we put into it. This is what makes our presents special for our friends, partners, relatives.

Tips for painting a picture as a gift:

1. Choose a theme that the recipient likes – nature, abstract art, animals, plants are just a few examples.
2. Select a color palette – choose colors that complement the theme. Consider favorite colors or those that evoke good mood.
3. Start with the background – blend different colors for more impressive effect
4. Add some personal touches – something that is meaningful for the recipient, or a memorable message.
5. Sign your artwork and add a date – that adds even more personal touch to the present.

If you don’t feel confident with painting, check out these painting lessons for beginners. Everyone can be an artist:

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