Kindle Gift for Book Lovers

Kindle Gift

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular gadgets nowadays – a must-have for book lovers from all ages. It is an e-book reader with a huge capacity of book storage ranging between 1,400 and 6000 books.

Kindle vs Paper Book

1. Kindle is more compact and easier to transport.

2. If you have plenty of time during your travel and you will need more than one book – then obviously Kindle wins.

3. Faster book supply – you can have your favourite book in seconds.

4. The Kindle has built-in dictionaries which makes reading foreign books easier.

5. The E-book reader is easier to read by people with poor sight due to its adjustable font size option.

When buying the Kindle Amazon gives you the opportunity to send it as a gift. You just have to place the device in the shopping box and tick the box next to it – “This will be a gift”.

So what if the person you are looking a gift for already has a Kindle? In that case you can give them Kindle Content as a present. You only need to know the recipient’s email and then schedule when exactly you want the present to be delivered. The content you can send includes E-books, Audio Books, newspapers and magazines.

You can also choose among the different Kindle accessories – cases, skins, screen protectors, subscriptions, and more.

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