Gift for Star Lovers – Telescope

Telescope Gift

The sky and the universe have given inspiration to many people keen to explore the unknown. Perhaps you know such person who would love to observe the night sky but has never thought of the idea of having a telescope. If you give them one it would be a huge wonderful surprise, don’t you think?

A telescope could be a perfect gift for both astronomy experts and people who have keen interest in stars and planets but have never observed them before. It could be also suitable for children to inspire their exploring nature and arouse interest in science in them.

Although the amateur telescope hasn’t got the abilities of the scopes in the big observatories it still can reveal a great number of celestial bodies in the sky – the Moon, some planets from our Solar System, and if you get some really good one – even stars and star clusters from other Galaxies.

There are three main types of telescopes for amateur sky observers – Reflector, Refractor, and Hybrid. The reflective telescope uses mirrors to reflect the light and is good for deep space observation. The Refractor uses glass lenses to focus the light and is good for viewing the Moon and the planets. The Hybrid combines both lenses and mirrors.

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