Travel Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for travellers

Buying a present for a travel lover is not very difficult – there are so many things and gadgets a traveller would love to have – clothes, equipment, bags, books, music, and many many others.

Or if you want to get even more special and impressive gift what could be a better present choice than a trip to a preferred destination – for some it could be a vacation on an exotic island, for others – a trip to a big city or a historical sight.

There are also many cheaper options for travel gifts that could be a nice surprise for a globetrotter’s birthday or any other special occasion. Check our present suggestions and choose the gift that will suit your budget and your loved one’s preferences.


Every avid traveller needs a backpack … that’s for sure. Especially the one who has to walk long distances with their entire luggage with them. That’s why some of the most important features of a rucksack are its storage capacity and the load carriage comfort. Our recommendation is the Berghaus Men’s Rucksack – with BIOFIT back system, height adjustable, with removable chest strap, top tension straps, and a rain cover.

Electronic Reader – Kindle

Some trips require long boring hours on the plane or in the train – a time we can spend reading a book or a magazine. And with a kindle we can have loads of interesting books with us on our journey. Plus all our favourite magazines we have subscribed to. Ideal travel gift for all family members and friends.

Video Camera

Most of the travellers would love to be able to catch the best moments of their journey and share them with others. Our recommendation is Sony CX280 Full HD Handycam – it features extended zooming options, low-light mode, optical SteadyShot active mode which keeps the pictures smooth and steady at all times. For more information check below:

Travel Scratch Map

The scratch map is a unique and interesting gift idea for globetrotters who love visiting and exploring new places. The Bucketlist scratch map covers the world’s most awesome destinations, from big name spots to little known places. It can help highlight the visited destinations or the favourite locations planned to be visited by scratching off the areas.

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