Gift Ideas for Women

Please see below our gift ideas for women. We have included suitable present suggestions for ladies of all ages. Find the perfect gift for your daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, female friend, or a colleague from work and make a nice gift surprise for her birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Bonsai Elm Tree

This adorable bonsai tree comes with free leaf trimmer. The bonsai delivered can be slightly different to the one pictured.

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Breadmaker Machine

Using breadmaker at home ensures that we have fresh bread on the table prepared by our own taste and preferences which makes it a wonderful present for any occasion.

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Exercise Fitness Bike

Perfect for fitness exercises at home, this folding bike provides a lower body and cardiovascular workout – legs, hips, buttocks.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Made from natural Himalayan salt crystals these lamps have relaxing and soothing effect. They naturally clear the air of pollens, smoke, dust particles which makes the the perfect gift for every home.

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Meditation Gift Pack

The Meditation Gift Pack consists of a music CD, a tealight, candles and simmering granules. Ideal for relaxation, rejuvenation, and yoga practices at home.

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Looking for a unique gift for a woman? Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) has been used for millennia by the ancient Indian tribes as a spiritual remedy for purification. It has healing properties and soothing fragrance.

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Personalized Charm Bracelet

The bracelet is made of stainless steel and is adjustable. Personalise the name on it to make a wonderful gift surprise for your special woman or a friend.

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