Holographic Gift Ideas

Holographic Gift Ideas

We have all seen holographic projections and images in sci-fi movies and for many of us the hologram is just a remote fiction idea or a future invention. But holograms are widely used in many industries today and we can even bring them home by giving our loved ones an unusual and unique holographic gift. This could be a perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, weddings, or without any special occasion – just to express our gratitude and love.

Simply said a hologram is a three-dimensional projection of a person or an object by a laser and the holography is the technique through which 3D images are created.

One of the most common applications of the Holography nowadays is the holographic sign on bank cards, driving licences and ID cards. It is also widely used in the manufacturing of electronic storage devices because of its huge storage capacity like the Blu-ray discs for example.

The Hologram has some amazing properties:

  • If a hologram is split in several parts, every part will contain the whole image of the object, although the image will be not that clear as the original one;
  • The holographic object can be seen from different perspectives – just like a real 3D object;
  • If we make a hologram of magnifying glass or telescope, the holographic image will have the same magnifying properties as the real objects.

Holography gifts are suitable for all tech junkies that would love to have the latest technologies on the market. Our holographic technology gift idea for them would be a Holographic Projection Keyboard.

Looking for unusual children gift ideas? Why not surprise the kids with holographic projection presents to bring some magic to their celebration. And even the adults can be astonished to have a Hologram projector at home. Below you can find some Holography Gift Ideas for your family, friends, and colleagues:

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