First Date Gift Ideas

First Date Gift Ideas

The first date often makes us feel excited and nervous at the same time. We want to show the best of us and to make a good impression. On the other hand we don’t know much about the other person – it’s our first date. So choosing the right gift idea would not be an easy task.

Fortunately there are some classical gift ideas for first dates which could help you if you want to keep it “safe”:

Box of Chocolates Gift

Indulge the person you will be dating with delicious sweets to show your affection and make a good impression. There is a big variety of luxurious and high quality boxes of chocolates on the market – with impressive looking wrappings and various flavours.

Wine Gift Ideas

A bottle of wine is another classical gift idea for a first date. Drinking wine together can help you handle with the initial nervousness many people feel on a first-time date. And if you know that the person you are dating is a wine lover, you can give them a whole basket of top quality wine selection. There are also personalized bottles of wine to make them feel even more special.

If you know her/his taste in movies, why not buy a DVD with a good film to watch together? Below you can find our recommendations about films we consider being interesting and appropriate for a first date gift.

Film Gift Ideas

Pot Plants Gift Ideas

Flowers are one of the most popular first date presents. But usually the flowers last just for a few days and then you beautiful gift is thrown in a bin. If you want your present to be kept longer and be taken care of just get some flowers or any other plants in a pot and make a nice and impressive first date gift surprise.

Special Gift Offers